Choosing Brisbane Accommodation – The Top 5 Things to Consider

You will be faced with a varied selection of options when selecting accommodation in Brisbane. It can be a challenging task sorting through the choices to find the accommodation that suits you or your travel companion’s requirements. Research accommodation before making a booking can have an enormous impact and make all the difference to how much you enjoy your visit.


Probably the most important factor is location. Proximity to tourist attractions, restaurants, sporting venues etc. if your visit is for a holiday will play a critical part in your selection. If your stay is for business purposes then being close to the city center, public transport and convenience is probably the deciding factor. Being close to shopping centers or medical services can also influence your decision and should be considered.


The second most important factor would be the amenities provided. A swimming pool or kids club will be top of the list if you are booking a family holiday with children. Wi-Fi and a range of business and secretarial services would be more suited if the accommodation is required for business purposes. Pet-friendly accommodation will be essential if you are taking your pet with you. Also non-smokers may request rooms specifically allocated for non-smoking.


Value for money is also a contributing factor when selecting accommodation. Deals and packages are worth searching for; ask for a discounted rate, these options may be worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better price, price matching is a great way to attract you away from a competitor. Comparing services and costs for accommodation with a similar AAA star rating is another great way to assess value for money.


A valuable tool to use when deciding on where to stay are reviews. Travelers sharing experiences whether they are good or bad are a great reference to help with making a decision. Review sites, social media and travel forums are great sources of information when it comes to reviews on places to stay. A negative for one traveller may be a positive for another, for example, the noise of children playing.


Transport accessibility can also be an important factor. Is there somewhere to park if you are taking your own car or hiring one? Are there shuttle services provided to the airport, tourist attractions or the local shopping center? Is public transport close to the selected location? A taxi service? Other things to consider when selecting accommodation are the size of rooms, ambiance, local attractions, frequent flyer program deals and Eco friendliness.

Make your decision based on:
– Location
– Amenities
– Value
– Reviews
– Accessibility

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of what to look for, selecting appropriate Brisbane Accommodation will be much easier.

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