Causes of Drug addiction

Family genetics-
If your family has a history of drug addictions, you will have a genetic predisposition to develop an addiction towards drugs or alcohol. It proved that about 30 % to 70% of an individual’s risk of being addicted is due to the family genes that they are born with along with other social factors.

Addiction can even start when a person is lonely or even isolated from friends and family. They turn to drugs and alcohol to fill the void that is missing in their life. These types of people lack positivity and use the substance to feel happy and good about themselves. Adding to these facts these people being to stay away from people because of the fear of being judged or even the help is not available to them.


Prescription drugs-
There is a very public misconception that any medicine that is prescribed by the doctor is safe. Unfortunately, it is not always the same situation as sometimes the medicine that is prescribed by the doctor can cause mental and physical issues. Even now many individuals do not know or are educated about the medicines they eat. Chronic pain medication is mixed with the opioid, and it is very addictive. Depending on the amount used and the other factors, some of the people may require a medical detox to stop the addiction of using opioids. Similarly, those who are suffering from any anxiety and depression are prescribed with addictive medications to ease their symptoms. There are many non- addictive medications you can use to recover from any illness.

It is a common fact for addition to starting from anyone who is being curious and wants to experiment with drugs or alcohol. It is this aspect that starts with a person using marijuana or alcohol out of curiosity. While it may seem harmless, a teenager that experiment on drugs, alcohol are more likely to develop the habit of substance abuse and find it hard to get out of it.


Drugs and alcohol can always make you feel good all the times-
Everyone who does drugs and alcohol is always happy as they take you to another world where you do not have any risks, sadness or stress and only have a world of joy and happiness. Emotional stress in on of the main reasons why people use drugs and alcohol, it is mainly seen in young adults

Peer pressure-
Peer pressure is only there with teenagers and young adults. The need to be fit in a group is built in fact in anyone mind. Some people feel tempted to try such harmful things to fit in a group. Peer pressure can cause others to start using drugs and alcohol abuse and will be addicted to it.